When we were creating this new website, the developer told me how important blogging was and encouraged me to keep up with it regularly. I promised him I would, so I think I owe Chris an apology! After a stern telling off at a couple of networking events we've seen each other at, I'm finally sitting down to do this! 

A lot has being happening recently. A lot happens all the time to be fair, and as I'm the only one of the team that works for the Fund on a weekly basis, I've been incredibly busy. Oh, and I'm 31 weeks pregnant too! No winding down or putting my feet up though - there's still a lot to be done.

We've had our annual Family Fun Day, which as usual was a successful day. A little quieter than usual, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we've had some great feedback. The Fun Day took a lot of planning, and once it was over I was hoping for a rest, but it wasn't to be.

It was straight into Give A Day week! Give A Day to the city is an amazing concept, created and run by the wonderful team at Carlisle Vineyard Church. "Give a Day to the City here in Carlisle is all about whatever is in your hand, whatever you are passionate about, then give it away for the benefit of another. It could be on your own, or with a team from your school, workplace or neighbourhood. Whether you give an hour, a day, or a week, donate blood, give food, renovate a garden, host a party, build a playground, help a neighbour, give financially, everyone can do something!" (quote taken directly from http://giveadaytothecity.org/

Lee and I have been involved in GAD, one way or another since the start, and we never actually wanted or expected anything in return from it. So when, a few weeks ago, my phone rang and I discovered it was the Give A Day Team telling us that the year 8 students at a local secondary school wanted to do a project for us, I cried. And so, we set to work with GAD to organise the project, and last week, I arrived at Vineyard Church with a lot of stuff and met with 25 students and some teachers. We spent the morning packing our brand new teenage bags to be donated to the Teenage Unit in Great North Children's Hospital in Newcastle. 

I hope that the students and teachers had as good a time as I did! A huge huge thank you to Give A Day and Trinity School for their time and support. Carlisle really is a wonderful city. 

So now, I'm looking to the future. The next weeks until I go on maternity at the beginning of September is all about future proofing the charity. I plan on working with an IT company, a HR company and a business development company to get us in tiptop shape to make the future of the Fund as bright, shiny, positive and successful as it possibly can be. It's scary, it's incredibly daunting and feels way too big right now, but it's also the most exciting thing and I'm feeling so positive and energised (as much as it's possible to be in your third trimester with a livewire 2 year old ruling the roost)! 

On top of future planning, my mind is turning to event planning for the rest of 2019 into 2020, making sure the various bag projects are running well, that we're making as many grants as possible and that the money from our amazingly generous supporters and donors continues to roll in. 

It's a busy, exciting time for Fletcher's Fund and it's how we like it!