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Fletcher's Fund is a small charity.

We often get overlooked by businesses when it comes to choosing charities to sponsor as we don't have the high profile of some of the nationals. That is fine, our time will come, and we will be up there with the more well-known charities one day – and there are always companies with a focus on local causes so we work hard to raise our profile around home (Carlisle in Cumbria) and around the Wards and hospitals where Fletcher's Fund works.

But, we do still need help and support. So how can that be done?

Donations in kind from retailers

Well, we thought that one way for retailers to help us could be by donating unsold end of line stock to us. Items such as arts and crafts, toys, stationery and books we could accept, as long as they were new.

Last year, an independent bookshop donated unsold World Book Day books to us. We could accept them again! If you have a book section and sell World Book Day books, and you want to help, get in touch after World Book Day and we'll be happy to take any leftover books!

We have been donated unsold Halloween items, unsold charity day items (i.e. Sports Relief / Red Nose Day).All of these things find a use as they can all be used for events, for bran tub prizes, for donating to the wards and in other ways.

This would reduce your business wastage and increase your charitable giving as part of your corporate social responsibility – please get in touch if you have suitable donations in kind that you think we could use.

Fundraising and donations from retailers and other businesses

Do you have room for a collection tin? Are you a big enough store to allow us space and time to have a display or to pack customers' bags?

Other businesses getting involved

Could you offer your time and do some fundraising for us? Could you make a donation to use as a raffle prize? Could you put a team together for our quiz night? Could you bag pack in a supermarket?

Could you set up a direct debit, or offer your services for free? Could we be your charity of the year or even for a month?

You might be a hospitality venue or a storage company, a printer or a caterer – you can read on our website about the range of things that we do as part of Fletcher's Fund and there are all sorts of ways that businesses can help us to save money so that as much as possible can focus on our work with very poorly children and their families.

Working together

However you can help, we can work with you to make it happen. We are a small family run charity so we can be flexible with how we work with businesses, making any arrangements work well for you and your staff as well as for us.

Please think about helping us, so we can continue helping these precious families make memories. Get in touch if you want to chat about how we can work together – Leanne's usually on the end of the phone.

Why did we create a charity?
Family Fun Day: Sunday June 30th


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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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