Matilda's story

Matilda, mum, step dad and siblings

For February's blog, we decided to invite a family that we have supported to share their thoughts and feelings about how we help and what we do.

Handing over to Rebecca, mum to Matilda.

"Matilda was 5 years and 3 months when she diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in April 2017. She's now 8. Her siblings are Genevieve who is now 9, Teddy who is now 5 and Bee who is 2. I was 21 weeks pregnant when Matilda was diagnosed.

Fletcher's Fund have been amazing, and after hearing that Matilda had the go ahead from her medical team to build up her muscles in her legs again following treatment, gave us financial support to buy her a trampoline for the garden. This was amazing not just for Matilda but her siblings too. Matilda was able to jump her way to stronger muscles and for the first time in a long time her siblings could join in a physical activity with her!

We do still receive support from them. This is mostly verbal support from a charity and family who know what we have been through as a family. They are also helping us to try and come up with solutions for the long term oncology families to find better parking when visiting LGI for check ups!

The grant gave us something that at the time our budget wouldn't stretch to. We were lucky that we didn't spend much time in isolation but I've seen the bags and love the idea of them.

Fletcher's Fund absolutely make a difference. At times you feel so alone on this journey and it's nice to know you have a charity supporting you and a friendly face when you need it. Knowing there are amazing supplies to help you and your child when in isolation is piece of mind too. It makes an unbearable situations just that little bit easier.

I have also supported the charity through fundraising. We raised money by organising the 10,000 steps a day in June event for the last 2 years! We chose to support Fletcher's Fund because it's a fabulous new charity who I felt would benefit the most. We've been so lucky to be supported by many charities but all well-established. Fletcher's Fund holds a special place in my heart.

It's important to support them because knowing how hard they work to make sure what they do count is very humbling, I can't imagine setting up a new charity is easy and I wanted to help them grow, my contribution isn't much but giving something back after the support we've had so they can then give to a new family facing this.

What would we say to people deciding which charity to support? Always look to the heart of a charity, what makes them tick, what is their story. I love the fact that Fletcher's Fund made something so positive from something so heartbreaking. Fletcher's Fund will bend over backwards to help in any way they can, but they need help to do that. Let's get behind them and give them our support too!"

It's great to see Matilda looking so well and to hear what we mean to this family.  A huge thank to Becky for sharing this with us, and for the fundraising and support! 

If you would like to feature your story and your thoughts with us, please contact us! #teamfletcher

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