Look where we get to?

As some of you will know, we don't just work with children's oncology wards in the North of England and Scotland but also issue grants to families whose seriously ill children need a treat. Or, at least, we did give grants until COVID-19 put a brake on our finances and we hit the pause button.

I am really keen to get back to making grant payments as soon as we possibly can but, in the meantime, am consoling myself by realising just how many we've given over the years and just how far we've been able to stretch the Fletcher's Fund magic.

Each pointer on the map represents a family with its own unique story and its own ways of having fun. It's brilliant that we've been able to support each one of them.

Justout of interest, I thought I'd see how far I could get with an alphabetical list of grant locations: Anglesey, Birmingham, Cleethorpes (and, of course, Carlisle), Derby, Edinburgh, Folkestone, Grimsby, Hull, Ipswich, Jarrow, Kirkaldy, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle (those three are all centres of our ward work too), Oswestry, Port Talbot.

You might even be able to complete the list but I don't think we have a family contact in Queensferry … yet!

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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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