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Earlier this week I travelled down to south Cumbria for a meeting. I sat there, telling the company about Fletcher, his story and then about how and why the Fund was created. I then moved on to telling them what we've achieved in the 2 years we've being doing this. And for a moment, I was astounded.

Life happens so quickly, the charity is constantly moving forward and evolving and there's very little time to consider what has been achieved so far. It's actually incredible.

2 years. Almost 100 grants. In the region of 700 bags donated. 200 ward brochures. Working regularly with 3 hospitals. A considerable amount of money raised.

All whilst grieving, with a toddler, with a house move thrown in the mix, and now another pregnancy. With trustees that all work, have busy lives and lots of other kids to juggle too. Volunteers that are exactly the same. Run from the family home.

It's really is truly amazing, and other than the boys, I have never been prouder of anything I've ever achieved in my life.

It's also terrifying. I'm starting to turn my thoughts to the future- to growing the charity, to keeping it sustainable, current, and working to the best we can possibly do. I have some ideas and plans that I have no idea how to execute, that right now terrify me in terms of the scale of those plans. But plans that I am in the process of getting a team of experts in to help me achieve. An IT company to take over looking after our tech needs, an HR company to review and look after our HR needs and a business development team to take those plans, thoughts and terrifying ideas and turn them into things that are not only achievable, but successful and amazing.

With that expert support, I'll probably still be scared and still feel like the world's biggest imposter, but the plans will get done!

There is no stopping. It is so much bigger than we ever imagined. Watch us fly. The sky truly is the limit and the possibilities are truly endless.

So sitting today and actually realising what we have achieved already only fired me up some more to get excited and passionate about what's to come.

And honestly, from where I'm sitting, if you are a company that wants to get on board with corporate support, or an individual that wants to get on board with volunteering, now is an incredibly exciting time to do so. You could be influential and integral to what's coming next. You could be part of something much bigger than any one of us, that was borne to remember a little dude but now does so much than that. If that sounds like your bag, you know what to do- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let's get on it! 💪💪💪

(Photo credit: the supremely talented, mad as a box of frog, joy of a human being Julie Winspear Photography)

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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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