Scottish Registration

We are delighted that we were granted charity status in Scotland from OSCR (Scottish Charity Regulator) in February 2020. This means that we can make grants to every eligible child within Scotland, England and Wales. It also enables us to donate our art and crafts bags to every paediatric oncology unit within mainland Britain, which is our ultimate long term aim! Scottish registration also means that we can fundraise within Scotland and set up corporate donations from Scottish businesses. Look out for us working within Scotland in the near future!

Paediatric Oncology Units

We are established and working well within 3 of the 18 paediatric oncology units. We are currently in discussions with 2 more units to provide our Arts and Craft and Teenage bags to their wards. We aim to increase the number of wards we work with in the future. Feel free to contact us if you a member of staff in a paediatric oncology wards and feel that we could help you!


We are looking at ways we can support the teenage units, specifically teenagers in isolation. We are keen to carry through our art and crafts theme rather than looking at electronic means of boredom busting and distraction. There are already fantastic charities that support teenagers with game consoles and similar devices and we’re looking for ways to support their practical creativity.

Peer-to-peer parental support

We are looking at how we can create a nationwide support network for parents of children and young people with cancer, at all stages of treatment and including those families that are sadly bereaved. This is a sensitive area and one that’s going to take some small steps before it’s ready to go live but be assured that we’re working on it!


We have two ideas for books.

One is to give a voice to children with cancer and their families. We have an idea to collate a piece of writing from each of several children at different stages of treatment and for the parents of those children to write either an open letter to their child, or introduce their child and a little bit of their own cancer story. The idea is that we would publish the book to general sale, hopefully opening up a dialogue and giving the general public a deeper understanding of life as a child with cancer.

Leanne also, at some point, intends to write Fletcher’s story.

What's Next for Fletcher's Fund