We can provide eligible families with a cash grant. These are designed to allow you to spend quality time with your poorly child and their siblings. If your child is well enough, and you have your consultant’s permission, this may be a day out to a tourist attraction, or even a special event such as a photography shoot. The grant could also be used as spending money for a holiday if you prefer. If your child is not well enough to go out in public, your grant can be used to buy play equipment, toys, arts and craft equipment or sensory equipment.

All we ask is that you have fun spending your grant and make precious memories together as a family. The grants are not to be used for bills, travel and other expenses - just for lovely things to enjoy together as a family!

Fletcher's Fund Grants
Fletcher's Fund Grants

We need your application to be supported by your Macmillan Nurse, CLIC Sargeant worker or someone else involved in your child’s medical care (nurse, doctor, community nurse). This is to verify that your child is eligible for a grant and the eligibility criteria are really simple and straightforward:

  • Child / young person under the age of 18 years
  • Receiving treatment for cancer in England or Wales
  • Is currently on treatment or is a maximum of 6 months post-treatment.

Our usual grant is £100 but we reserve the right to alter this amount due to our budgetary constraints or due to the mitigating circumstances of an applicant. If you would like a grant, please find our downloadable form here. Alternatively, please contact us with your name and a postal address and we will send one in the post.

We will contact you should your grant application be successful to ask for feedback on how the grant was used. This will be used for testimonial purposes if you give permission, but feedback is also useful for us to find out how the grants are being used so that we sure we are providing the best possible service. If you would like to send us a photograph of your child to be used for testimonial purposes, please send via our social media accounts, or by emailing us and, of course, please include your child’s name.

Since May 2017, we’ve made more than 195 grants to families across the country. The easiest way to show you is the map here where every pointer indicates a family with a seriously ill child that has received a Fletcher’s Fund grant: