We are based in Durdar, Carlisle, working from our home office. The charity’s operating area is England and Wales (and soon to be Scotland, once we fill in the paperwork and complete the process). We are able to make grants to any eligible child within England and Wales.

Our projects are usually piloted in Leeds Children’s Hospital, Ward 31 (children’s oncology) and Ward 32 (children’s bone marrow unit), where Fletcher was treated.  Projects are then expanded to the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle (Wards 3 and 4). We have just launched into Royal Manchester’s Children Hospital (Ward 84). You will find our arts and craft bags in all three units, and a few extra projects are currently being piloted in Leeds.

We choose new units based on proximity to Carlisle, and so far we have a good coverage across the north of England but we have ambitious plans to expand across the whole of mainland Britain, but these things take time!

We are particularly keen to help as many Cumbrian children as possible with our grants, wherever they are being treated.