Leanne - Fletcher's Mama - and Cooper's too!

Fletcher’s mama – and Cooper’s too!

Co-founder and general dog’s body, Leanne is the driving force behind Fletcher’s Fund. She is the one with the passion for play and art therapy and childhood development.

Leanne came to Carlisle from Milton Keynes to study Primary Education at University of Cumbia, where she specialised in inclusion. Life then happened to her, and she didn’t enter the teaching profession after all. Instead, by way of renovating a derelict house, she found herself working, living and breathing life as a Letting Agent, until she was pregnant with Fletcher, when she moved on to become an office manager for a small local business. Sadly, she later had to give up work to become Fletcher’s carer. She is now full time mum to Cooper, born in 2016 and she has worked tirelessly to make Fletcher’s Fund what it is today.

You will find her anywhere and everywhere. She’s always on the go, always busy and can talk for England. She’ll probably need a cuppa – coffee, black, two sugars – if you do come across her!

Lee is Fletcher and Cooper’s daddy & Leanne’s long suffering husband

Fletcher and Cooper’s daddy
Leanne’s long suffering husband

Co-founder and the muscle of the operation, Lee works full time for a large, local business as a plant operator (aka digger driver). When not at work, Lee enjoys playing computer games, cycling and watching films. 

Cumbrian born and bred (Dalston, to be specific), he is proud of his home town and county and bears the typical Cumbrian traits of loyalty, hard work and resilience in the face of adversity. A quiet man, on first meeting, but don’t let that fool you. He’s got some great ideas as well as some rubbish jokes!

Lee helps organise events, and can be usually found loading, unloading and driving the van and erecting the marquee. He’s a pro behind a bar and the master of Play Your Cards Right. Fletcher’s Fund wouldn’t and couldn’t exist without Lee’s unwavering support of Leanne. They fight like cat and dog, but they make quite the team!

He probably won’t want a brew, but if he does, leave the teabag in- builder style!

Introducing Amy-Lou from Fletcher's Fund in Carlisle, Cumbria


Amy-Lou and Leanne met at university, when they found themselves on the same course, and in the same tutor group. Whilst Leanne elected not to get her qualified teacher status, Amy did, and has spent time teaching abroad, before going home to County Durham.

She is a creative soul, and when not in the classroom or the gym, can be found in her attic making and creating a whole variety of beautiful items.

Amy is our North Eastern representative and hopes to develop a team of volunteers and fundraisers to raise our profile all over the North East, specifically focussing on the work we do with Ward 4, Great North Children Hospital in Newcastle.

She brings a wealth of skills and experience to the board, from early years and primary age knowledge to the wonders of arts and craft and is always on hand with an appropriate Harry Potter quote!

You’re likely to find her in Costa on her way over to Carlisle for meetings. She’ll be ordering a caramel latte. Otherwise she’ll have a regular coffee with milk and sugar!

Introducing Fletcher from Fletcher's Fund in Carlisle, Cumbria


Rebecca is a long-time friend of Leanne’s. A nursery teacher, with three kids of her own, she is passionate about early year’s education. This is a lady that leads the busiest life possible! She is a dedicated and brilliant mum.

Rebecca is the bag packing organiser extraordinaire! Before she became a trustee, the bag packing was frantic, chaotic and stressful. With Rebecca in charge, it is still chaos, but very much ordered chaos and much more fun for everyone involved.

She gets so excited by the potential of what we can achieve with the Fund, and the power the Fund has to improve the quality of lives of these very sick, very deserving children. She has great ideas, and works closely with Leanne to improve and expand the activity bag project.

In her spare time (!) you’ll find her out and about living life to the very best with her lovely kids and partner.

Rebecca needs a cuppa, but she probably needs a nap more. Best just give her chocolate!

Introducing Sophie from Fletcher's Fund in Carlisle, Cumbria


Sophie and Leanne went to school together, meeting in Year 8 when Leanne started the school, aged 13. The poor woman has now known Leanne for 17 years, and has the dubious honour of being her very best friend (just don’t mention those years when they didn’t like each other… awkward)!

Sophie still lives just outside of Milton Keynes in the middle of the countryside. She is a country girl, through and through, and is happiest playing with soil (really – she has a master’s degree in something earthy that no one really understands). She has too many animals to count, including horses as big as houses.

Sophie is the techy, clever whizz,  the brains of the Fletcher’s Fund operation, and she can be found working on projects at 1am because that’s the only time she has spare after looking after all her animals, and working full time.

At 1am, it’s hard to know whether Soph needs a brew. She probably just needs bed. Or cocktails. Or gin.