Introducing Fletcher

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Fletcher Campbell Fisher is the eldest son of Lee and Leanne Fisher. Born on 16th April 2015 in Carlisle, Cumbria, he seemed to the perfect little boy, healthy and thriving.

He started to fall ill aged 9 months at the beginning of January 2016. After a small fight to be listened to, Fletcher was admitted to the local hospital with chalky white poo and jaundice. Fletcher was quickly transferred to Leeds Children Hosptial and admitted to Ward 10 – the paediatric liver unit. The wonderful doctors carried out lots of tests, including a biopsy and after a week, Fletcher was sent home to wait for the results. A week later, Fletcher, mama and daddy went back to Leeds and attended an appointment in the Children’s Oncology and Haematology Day Unit. This was the day our life changed.

We were told that they thought Fletcher had cancer, but they weren’t 100% sure, so wanted to admit him to ward 31 – paediatric oncology and haematology ward – for further tests. A few weeks later, Fletcher’s mama and daddy were told that Fletcher definitely had cancer, but they could not tell what type.

This was an incredibly rare situation, and his case was sent around the UK and various other places for experts to look at. No one could tell.

He received 6 courses of ICE chemotherapy in a 6 month period, after which, it appeared that he was in remission. He then relapsed in September 2016 and was readmitted to hospital, where he stayed permanently until February 2017. His little brother, Cooper, was actually born in Leeds on 30 December 2016 whilst Fletcher remained on ward 31!

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Photo 29 02 2016

We then got home as a family, with a seemingly well Fletcher for 4 short weeks. He then fell ill again, and sadly relapse was confirmed again. This time, Fletcher very quickly deteroriated and it became clear that nothing more could be done for him. The impossible decision was made to take him back to Carlisle and admit him to Jigsaw Children’s Hospice, where the family spent a precious 5 days with him until he passed away on 15 March 2017.

He has left us with so many beautiful memories and love. He gave us so much joy. He was our real life Superhero.