How Do We Help?

We provide grants to families of children with cancer. These grants are to be used by the family to go on a special day out, to buy new toys or play equipment, go to a special event such a sporting event or concert or anything else that they may want to do to create memories and have fun. This could be a photography session, an arts and craft session, buying sensory equipment – anything the child enjoys and wants to do and crucially, whatever the child is allowed to do.

We know that sometimes these children aren’t well enough to go on days out, because their blood counts aren’t good enough and the risk of infection is too high, and that is why we’re happy for the families to buy toys and play equipment for their use at home or in hospital. We just ask that you enjoy using your grant, you have fun and create some precious memories together as a family.

We also work with Paediatric Oncology wards, on various projects. To date, we have donated 300 Isolation Arts and Crafts Bags to Leeds Children Hospital, Wards 31 and 33, and Great North Children’s Hospital, Wards 3 and 4.

Our biggest project to date, launched in September 2017 into Leeds. We provides arts and craft bags to the wards, to be provided to children when they are in isolation, and cannot access the play team and other shared areas of the ward. They are filled with the typical arts and craft equipment, along with age appropriate toys and games. We provide 4 different age ranges – 0-2 years, 2-5 years, 5-8 years and 8-12 years and try to be mindful of the different development stages of each age range.

We have received consistently positive feedback about out bags, with the play team in Leeds telling us that they “cannot work without our bags” now. We have recently colour coded the bags too, to make it easier for the play teams to identify which bag they need to provide. It also adds a splash of colour and fun to the room itself.

The bags have a maximum budget of £10, and we are grateful for donations of equipment for our bags, or for people to sponsor our bags. Contact us for more details.

We are also currently working on two other projects, which both have a focus on the mental health wellbeing of the whole family. More details will be released on our future projects shortly.